eBay Auction Selling Tips – PowerSeller Basics

On eBay, to work your way up to PowerSeller status you need to achieve high sales, volume and feedback ratings.

Becoming a PowerSeller is a worthy goal because eBay gives discounts and other benefits to members who reach this level and maintain it. Bidders or buyers will trust you and your auctions more than sellers who have not achieve this special status.

Everything about your auctions must tie in together smoothly and run without a hitch if you wish to rise up a rung on the eBay ladder. Here’s an overall guide on how to do that.

Sell What’s In Demand

First, you must have a product bidders want and your auction should start at an attractive price. That means you’ll have to do some research of what people are buying and then look at what the competition is charging.

You’ve got to be sure that you can get a good price on your auctions because you’ll want to make a profit after paying the fees that eBay charges to have your items listed and sold. You must be able to find a supplier for the items you sell and buy them at a price low enough for you to make that profit.

Write Truthful Titles and Descriptions

The headline you use must be keyword rich so buyers can find your listing on a search and you must phrase it to encourage clicks.

From that point on, your photos and descriptions should accurately depict or describe the item you are selling. Try not to exaggerate. Better yet, tell about any flaws if there are any. Be honest in your description or your buyers will complain about you when they leave their feedback.

Resist Over Charging on Shipping & Handling

Shipping and handling fees should be fair and reasonable. It’s obvious when a seller is over charging for postage and handling. It’s also obviously cheating eBay of their closing fees and the IRS of reported income for filing correct business taxes. Over charging on the shipping adds bottom line profits to the seller but hurts the buyer.

Include a Clearly Written Guarantee

State any guarantees honestly without making it appear that you really don’t want to honor it. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and write a guarantee that really protects them. If your item description was accurate, you shouldn’t have too many returns. Even if you had to honor a return, you can get the buyer to count it as positive feedback. You can’t expect every buyer to be happy with all your auctions.

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If potential bidders have any questions about your item, you should respond professionally and in a timely manner. The more you can appear to be freely available to talk, the more comfortable they will feel about buying from you.

Don’t Delay Shipping

Once your auction ends and your winning bidders pay you in full, you should ship out your items immediately. Make sure you pack your items well to prevent damage. Even at the end of an auction, you still need to maintain a professional image, which people will remember the next time they see another one of your auctions.


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